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Archive for December, 2006

Happy new year

Today is the best time to greet special people coz the remaining hours will soon be very busy, so Happy New Year! God bless u & ur family.

Ang mga nasa ko…

Ang mga nasa ko, mulang magkaisip,
Magpahanggang ngayon maganap ang bait,
Ang ikaw’y makitang hiyas na marikit
Ng dagat Silangan na nakaliligid.

–Jose Rizal

Happy new year

It’s sad how busy we can sometimes get & forget to kip in touch w/ each other. But I want u to know that nothing has changed. I still look gr8. Oh, happy new year! Ãœ

Blessd XMAS

“Tho Legazpi’s bathed in darkness the lyt of Christmas shines brightly in our hearts. No storm, no flood will darken it. Blessd XMAS.”

isang makabuluhang pasko sa inyo ng iyong mga mahal sa buhay, at kapayapaan at pag-asa sa sasapit na taon.

12 xmas gifts 4 u

My 12 x’mas gifts 4 u:
1.Happiness. Deep d0wn inside.
2.Serenity. At every sunrise.
3.Success. In every facet of ur lyf.
4.Family beside u
5.Caring friend around u.
6.A love dat never ends.
7.Good health w/in u.
8.Beautiful mem’ries of yesteryears.
9.A bright 2day w/ so much 2 be thnkful 4.
10.A pathway leading 2 beter 2mrws.
11.Dreams dat manage 2 come true.
12.and A great appreciation 4 whatever u do.
Merry christmas!
G0d blesS!

,*, N0t all gifts
,*,*, are under
,*,*,*, d tree. M0st are in d hearts, 2 b shared w/ loved ones!.
A MeRry ChRiStMas 2 u & ur family! GOD BLESS.

I pray that…

“I pray
happiness be
at your door.
the gift
of GOD’s peace, love,
joy &
good health behind… Merry xmas!
GoD BleSs…!

Maligayang Pasko!

“Ang gabi ay payapa, lahat ay tahimik. Pati mga tala sa bughaw na langit. Kay hinhin ng hangin, wari’y umiibig sa kapayapaan ng buong daigdig.” alam nyo bang sinulat ni Felipe De Leon ang first Philippine carol na ito the morning after he saw the bombs levelled the City of Manila in 1945? Amidst the chaos and darkness we face today, may the light of christmas shines on you. Maligayang Pasko!