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For every dream in your heart

4Evry drEam in our hEart, GOD givs us inspration. 4 Evry hopE wE sEEk, GOD givs us unExpctd miracLEs. 4 Evry faith wE bEliv GOD bLEssEs us morE! BLezd SUNDAY!

If God answers your prayers, He’s increasing your faith. If He delays, He’s increasing your patience. If He doesn’t answer. He knows u can handle it! GOD bless.

No one is rich enough

No one is rich enough to buy back the past. But, if you have the courage to do better things today, you would be the richest one tomorrow.”

gud pm…

Isang “message” para sa mga CUTE(“,).

Nabasa mo?

Ano? di pa rin?

Wala pa rin? Sori siguro di ka qualifyd.

uyy… pnipilit nya!

Happy heart

haPpy heArt
is a
go0d mEdicine
& a
p0sitiVe miNd woRks
In ur
bUsy skEd,
doNt 4gEt
& haVe
a go0d
2 ur LiFe!

L0vE s n0t h0w much u cAn gEt but h0w much u cAn givE it’s n0t ab0ut gvng up but h0ldng on… n0t about how 2 say “i L0vE u” but h0w 2 sh0w its TRUE..=)

wnevr u dnt
wts hpEniNg
n uR Lyf
u jz hv 2
cLse ur eyes

tKe a dip

“LOrD,i knw itS ur pLAn,i put mY trUst n y0ur haNds.” Gudmwning!

Medyo inde nyo muna malalaman mga mangyayari sa aking buhay… Mag su-sun na ksi ako..! Mga fans lipat nrn keo……


Maria Dukesa, ang hacienderang magpapahirap s buhay ni ederlyn…

Abangan ü