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Archive for May, 2008

Experience everything

Smtyms u nid to experience everythng so that u wud learn.. there’s no easy way in living lyf so live it as it is. Cry. Laugh. Be crazy. And dnt miss the chances that lyf is gvng u bcz d m0st important thngs are n0t thngs at all, mst of the tym dey are PEOPLE mking ur lyf worth living.

Joma on Ka Bel

Ka Bel will always live in our hearts and minds. His legacy of fighting for national and social liberation will always inspire the people in the current and further generations. — Jose Maria Sison

Fr. Robert on Ka Bel

“He died a poor and simple politician. He died repairing his own leaking roof. He died working, serving and not being served.” — Fr. Robert Reyes

Villar on Ka Bel

“To the end, he displayed the true mettle of the Filipino worker.” — Sen. Manny Villar

CPP on Ka Bel

“While the working class and people are saddened at his passing away, they celebrate as well the victories Ka Bel has helped achieve and all the valuable contributions he has made in advancing the struggles of the toiling masses and the entire Filipino people.” — Ka Roger Rosal, Communist Party of the Philippines

Ka Bel did not just talk about principle …

Ka Bel did not just talk about principle, he practiced it. Ka Bel did not just talk about the people, he walked with them. — Conrado de Quiros

Pia on Ka Bel

“Ka Bel is a patriot and a true working class hero of our time. Every Filipino, not only the workers, owe to people like him many of the basic rights and freedoms we enjoy today.” — Sen. Pia Cayetano

Nene on Ka Bel

“You are a martyr to the cause of the poor. You belong to them and only they can rightfully claim you as their very own.” — Sen. Nene Pimentel

Kiko on Ka Bel

“Ka Bel is one of the Philippines’ foremost champions of civil liberties and social equity. We have been one with his ideals since the early days of the Marcos dictatorship, and while Ka Bel’s role in our democracy can never be replaced, we take solace in the thought that his was a full life lived on solid principles, compassion for others and loyalty to the welfare of the Filipino worker.” — Sen. Kiko Pangilinan