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Hindi lahat ng nakadilaw…

Di lahat ng nakadilaw ay bayani; ang iba ay nakapink, kagaya ni Bayani Fernando. Peace!

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Villar says he violated no law

NP Presidential candidate Manny Villar says he violated no law. Maybe his opponents are just jejemonizing him. :p

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Jejemon sa eleksyon

“May tumatakbo palang jejemon sa eleksiyon. Si Jejemon Binay.”

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What did Arroyo say…?

Question: What did President Arroyo say when Joey Salceda informed her of his plan to defect to LP?

Answer: “Bitch!”

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Make Villar an honest man

If Villar loses, then he can honestly say, ‘Poor Me’. Let’s make him an honest man.

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Villar, Gibo & Noynoy

“Villar: Sipag at Tiyaga;

Gibo: Galing at Talino;

Noynoy: Mama at Papa”

Noynoy’s decision

FLASH REPORT: After 1 day retreat sa Carmelite sisters, Noynoy has discerned. He has decided to be a nun! ha ha

Personal ambition

My personal ambition ends where my loyalty and love for my country begins. God bless Noy. God bless the Philippines.

Mar Roxas

When an apple is 18

When an apple is green, it’s ready to be plucked. When a girl is eighteen, she is ready to…


You dirty mind, Elections in progress. V0te wisely!