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When our friendship is gone

we never kn0w h0w ds friendship started &we’l nvr knw h0w it wud end.. bt watevr hpens.. wen our frndshp s gone il nver 4gt d milion tyms u made me sMyl.”,)

Kahit busy

Khit Bz, i stil hve tym 2 txt U Kht pg0d, i nver gt tired 2grit U “elow!mzta nkau?” Kht wlang rply, i stil enjoy saying, “i’ll never 4get .all of u guyz’ (ge,em< “Alea#28 uber,”

You made my year enjoyable…

2010 is fast approaching; it’s a goodbye to 2009. I want to take dis opportunity to thank u. You made my year enjoyable, bearable, and memorable… I hope you’ll once again be part of my life dis coming nxt year…. Continue Reading →


What’s “KAIBIGAN”? K-asama mo A-ko I-n B-ad times and I-n G-ood times A-sahan mo na N-andito ako for life!

Rain comes anytime

RaiN CuMs anytym jst Lyk pr0bLm 8 keeps on coming bck f evr Ur probLm sims lyk a heavy rain dnt w0ri iL alwys be ryt hir wiling 2share my umbrela wid u. gudday!

People who remain true

liFe is n0t ab0ut the pe0pLe who act true to your face… it’s ab0ut the pe0pLe who remain true behind y0ur back.


1 nyt i drMD i wS a vAmpYr & i wS suPpSd 2 byt U bT i cAn’t nsteD i fAced d sUn & Let mYsLf diE i diD dt 4 a simpLe tHinG becouse “2ropa tau eh” mowning

Wait till it rains

“wait till it rains. coz the weather defyns the people who go and get their own umbrellas.. ..and those who stay with you under the rain.” Nyt2.. ;-)

They just do

n0b0dy teLLs d fiSh 2 SwiM, biRds 2 fLy, c0wS 2 m0o, d0gS 2 bArk, thEy jUst dO. jUst Lyk now! nob0dy teLLs me 2 rmmbEr y0u. i jUst dO… guday!!!

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