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God bless

God bless you text messages

May God’s hand be upon you always

May God’s hand be upon you always, touching your life with joy, blessing your heart with love, and comforting your soul with peace. Gud nyt. :-)

Nvr forGet…

Nvr forGet 2 tnx God 4 aLL tHe bleSsinGs He’s givEn us. No mattEr how good or bAd, thEre’s alwaYs a reAsOn, anD it’s alwAys for The best.. God’BLeZ

God is so big

God s so big He can cover d world wid his love. So small He can curl up nsyd ur heart.So wise He knws all ur dsires but grants only wats gud for u. gud Am!

God’s love

GOD’s l0ve is d v0ice wen u cnt speak, d strength wen u r weak, d h0pe wen u r d0wn, & d smiLe wen u r sad.. stay happy! GOD l0ves you! Gud m0rning!

Trust in God

“GOD, i don’t understand it, but i trust YOU. And im not going to spend all my time trying to figure out why certain things have happened. Im going to trust YOU to make something good out of it. You’re… Continue Reading →

May Jesus b nr u

May Jesus, who came 2 earth that night 2 fill the world with love and light, be near 2 u 2day and bless ur day with happiness. God Bless! GUD AM.

Test of closeness

D test of closenes doesnt come wen ur 2geder it coms wen u’re apart & realize dat despite d distance d “BONDING” is still der take care!¤ GOD bles!

All d water in d world

All d water in d world cud nvr sink a ship unless it gets inside. Just d same wid all d pressures of d world. They cnt tear u apart nd cn nvr hurt u unless u let them in…. Continue Reading →

Lyk d fresh dewdrop of a new day, may GOD’s loving hand b upon you today to freshen your soul as you start a new day. Have a day full of blessings. Good mornin! :)

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