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Loren as Mary Magdalene?

Loren Legarda will likewise be active this Holy Week. Dozens of senaculo organizers have invited her. She’s the unanimous choice to play Mary Magdalene.

— From The Professional Heckler

Gloria as Pontius Pilate

Staunch supporters of Pampanga governor Fr. Ed Panlilio rejected President Arroyo’s offer to play Pontius Pilate in a passion play at the provincial capitol. Asked why, they said, “It’s a risk. Pa’no kung irelease n’ya lahat ng convicts?!?”

— From The Professional Heckler


Prayer seeks for wisdom,
not simply answers.
It looks for courage,
not simply help.
It seeks for the gift
of persistence,
not only quick solutions.
Happy Easter!


Whatever life difficulty you are in as of the moment…SMILE…You have been saved….HAPPY EASTER!!! God Bless!

Christ himself was wounded for our sins

Christ himself was wounded for our sins. He learned obedience and became the source of salvation for all who follow him. Have a blessed Good Friday!

Season of Lent

Let this season of LENT
remind us all that our life
and material possessions
are just being LENT to us.
We are not immigrants here.
We are all pilgrims on the road.
We bring nothing when we die…
but we can leave behind the love
we have shared, the hope
we have given and the goodness
we have done.

This Holy Week…

This Holy Week, meditate on the sufferings of Christ Jesus. He suffered so that we will have a better life. Have you done anythingfor your fellowmen? What will you do to help our countrymen? Jesus said: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” He was crucified by those in power. We are being crucified by those in power. For the love of God, do something to save our people from those who are now persecuting them.

John 8:12

Jesus said:

i’m the light.
whoever follows
me will never
b n darkness.
John 8:12

He suffered because…





He sufferd
He loves you!
Hav a blessed
Holy Week.