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God’s plan for you

God is always planning the best things for us. Sometimes, we feel being left out. But God is saving the better one than we actually asked for.


Charity is very good for the soul and there is always important work that needs to be done. Lend a helping hand wherever and whenever you can.

Holding hands with Jesus

One day, Jesus and a man were crossing a narrow bridge. The man held Jesus’ hand.

Jesus said, “No, I’ll hold your hand.”

The man asked, “What’s the difference?”

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If you want to be happy…

If you want to be happy, be so.

-Kozma Prutkov

What is real happiness?

What is real happiness? It is when you feel fine even if there is nothing left in your pocket. It is when you enjoy life in spite of the problems you have. And most of all, when you still know how to smile and thank God for the blessings even if you are the poorest person and has the least important jobn on Earth. Let us appreciate everything done by God, from little ones to great things. Good day!

I woke up with a happy heart

I woke up with a happy heart, thankful for a night of rest and comfort, grateful for opening my eyes to get another day of God’s love and provision. And so, with a prayer on my lips and in my heart, I hope this day finds you well, ever grateful as I am. Good morning!

Everything that God allows

Everything that God allows to come our way is always with a purpose. He uses even the greatest error and deepest pain to mold us into a better person.

Discovering good

It’s good
to discover
a beautiful mind…

but the greatest gift
is to discover
a beautiful heart…

in a good person…

like you!

Good morning and God bless!

Life is…

Life is not about having all that you want;
it’s about appreciating all that you have.

To fail means you’ve tried.
To hurt means you’ve tried.
To hurt means you’ve loved.
And to survive means you’ve learned.

Good morning! :)