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Kung hindi ka niya priority…

Kung hindi ka niya priority, e di dapat ganun ka din sa kanya para quits lang.

Life is a matter of perspective

Life s a matter of perspective, either u complain because roses have thorns or u rejoice because thorns have roses. Ur outlook in life determines ur destiny. Ur happines depends on ur attitude in life. Be patient in everythng u… Continue Reading →


Aminado qng di lht ng gnus2 q, nkukuha q.. pRo my isng bgay n pRoud aq kc.. ”di rn lht ng ngkakagus2 skn.. e nkukuha aq.” naks! Haha!

God will never give u a burden u cant bear

G0D wiLL never give u a burden u cant bear.. s0, when u hav a pr0bLem u think is imp0sbLe t0 fix, take it as a c0mpLiment.. G0D kn0ws u can.. G0D BLESS!!

Never regret

Never regret a day in ur life.. g0od days give u happines, Bad days teach u xperience. Both r essential 2 life..

People who remain true

liFe is n0t ab0ut the pe0pLe who act true to your face… it’s ab0ut the pe0pLe who remain true behind y0ur back.


1 cann0t questi0n the existence of feeLings’. they are there, raw & undeniabLe’. but one can cho0se n0t to nurture what is feLt’. yet,n0 matter what dey say, what has been feLt wiLL aLways be m0re h0nest than what was… Continue Reading →

Wise thoughts to ponder

Wise thoughts to ponder: *a long life may not be gud enough but a gud life is gud enough. *all truth is gud but not all truth is gud 2 say. *anger is just 1 letter short of danger. *even… Continue Reading →

It’s never too late to have a life

Sooner or later, start taking yourself seriously. know when you need a break, know what to get worked up about & what to get rid of. do something that makes you stronger & more complete. because it’s never too late… Continue Reading →

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