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Love quotes

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A guy and a girl

a guy & a girl… can be just friends, but at one point or another 1 of them will fall for the other, maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late or maybe just maybe forever…

Sm1 hu cud…

Dont find sm1 hu cud simpLY sing ur mUsic or sm1 hu cud pAint coLors in ur LYf.. But find sm1 hu cAnt daNce but is wiLLing 2 dancE w/ U evEn w/o d mUsic..c”,)

Sino ang pipiliin?

Wlng pnpli ang pg-ibg kht mhrap kp o myman pro pano kng mnhl k ng 1mhrap at1myman cno ppliin m? d1 hu has evrytng or d1 hu has notng bt wilng 2 giv evrytng?


mskit pla pg wla na, skt pla pg mroN xng ibA, skt pla pg hndi sya syo, pRo lam mO kung anO pnk-mskit? ung.. hnd k nMn pla nya mhal pRo.. sweEt siya syo.. :’c

A sad story

A SAD STORY: Der was a guy hu was tired of reading his gf’s msgs. Dey r alwys I love u I miss u or hav u eat ur meals? 1nyt while lyin in bed he rcvd a txt msg… Continue Reading →

Tru love d0es n0t c0me by fnding d prfect prs0n but by learning 2 c an imprfect prs0n prfectly.. l0ve d heart dat hurts u but nver hurt d heart dat.. l0ves u… Gud morning..

I can be ur vitamins

I can be ur.. Amphetamine: 2 tel u ‘wag kang susuko.’ Benzodiazepine: 2 tel u ‘wag kang mag-alala.’ Antipsychotic: 2 tel u ‘wag kang sira.’ TCA/MAOI/SSRI: 2 tel u ‘wag ka nang mlngkot.’ Lithium Carbon8: 2 tel u ‘hinay hinay… Continue Reading →

May lovelife

Guy 1: Pare, parang i love you. Guy 2: Stop it, pare… just prove it! Ayun, cge, cla na me lovelife! :p

Handle with care

A girl is w0rth m0re than she seems.. n0t a t0y by any means.. cause undrneath dat make-up and hair, there’s a sign saying.. “PLEASE HANDLE ME WITH CARE!” Ãœ

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