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Boxing is…

“Boxing is not for killing each other…”

— Manny Pacquiao

Text ni Venus Raj after Pacquiao-Margarito bout

“Hola! Are you watching boxing? Thank you, Las Vegas!” — Venus Raj texting Ms Mexico

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Margarito’s new name

After the fight, Margarito will change his name na daw to “Maga rito”

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Epektibo rin pala

Epektibo rin pala sa Cotto ang Head & Shoulders.


Baka raw hindi manalo si Manny Pacquiao dahil sa shampoo niya…

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Si Aling Dionisia at ang Genie

GENIE: Bbigyan kta ng 1 wish!

Aling DIONISIA: Tlga? Gus2 q gumanda!

ENIE: Buksan mong bote!

A. DIONISIA: At gganda n aq?

GENIE: Hinde, bbalik na lng aq!

You is…

‘you iS!’

‘you is!’

‘you is!’

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This message is to clear things out. There is no truth to the rumor that Dr. Hayden also has a sex video with Aling Dionisia. Pls pass…

Hindi lahat ng videos…

Hindi lahat ng videos, inilabas na ni Hayden. Yung sa amin, ayaw pa niyang ipakita…

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