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DOH: a damaged future has no cure

DOH will treat all injured by firecrackers during New Year festivities. But a damaged future has no cure. Don’t use firecrackers to welcome the new year!


Scammer alert: A certain Atty. Cynthia Ong claims I won 580,000 in “The Pag-Ibig Kabayan Noli D-Castro”. Let’s flood her inbox: 09104991427

Si Gina…

nuod k ng tv channeL 11 bilis! c gina alajar daw pumatay ky nida blanca? inimbstghn n sya ng NBI!

pEr0 ndi dw xa c gina, sbi ña:

“karen p0!”



Drinking dy say s d haven 0f d weak.We f0rge a pers0na dat we 0nly hav d c0urage t0 sh0w when wer drunk enuf.We escape reality even f it risks 0ur healt[h.. Bt i tel u ds,d m0st h0nest ndviduals r th0se hu drink t0 dr0wn..C0z dy l0se their s0cial mask..N0 pretenti0ns.N0 limits.N0 lies.. Dats n0t weaknes,dat’s being fearles. nd i ges wat dy cn nver fath0m s dat,bec 0f int0xicati0n,we bec0m pure.=)

-2 ol drinkers nd drunkards!Ü *cheers!*

Sleeping habits

exprts claim dat: wen we sleep w/o huggng pilows or anythng around us,we dnt wori 80% of d tym. wen we slip w/ pilows or any stuff around us in bed,we actualy wnt 2b hapi & b an active part of a crowd. wen we slip wyl huggng 1pilow,we actualy wish 8 2b dt prs0n we mis&luv. hw do u slip?

Holy Diet

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Holy DIET:
ur pride,
ur ego.
4 dessert,
May u stay fit!
Hav a hot HOLY WEEK!


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A phiLo tcher chalnging a stdnt of her f8 n GOD..
Tcher:to see s 2 beliv..Hav u seEn GOD?
Stdnt:no,sir, i havnt.
Tcher:den, der is no GOD
Stdnt: sir, may I ask a qstion?Hav u seen ur brain?
Tcher: no.
Stdnt: my dear clasm8s, uwi n tau,alang utak c sir!

Join Anti Corruption Rally

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Join Anti Corruption Rally Fri, Feb 15 Makati Financial District Meet 2pm Rustan’s Ayala

Next time

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MMDA (with pen & ticket) to a traffic violator:

MMDA: Name?

Foreigner Driver: Wilhelm von Corgrinski Papakovitz

MMDA: Ahhh.. Next time be careful ha…