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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day text messages

Best Valentine message

Best Valentine message: To: Jun Lozada From: Ben Abalos Roses are red Golf courses are green If you go near Wack Wack Patay ka sa akin!!! Hahaha!

Valentine Message

“Thìs simplè notè brìngs a valèntìnè mèssagè fìlled with love and sincerìty. May you bè happy as you celebratè thìs specìal day!. Happy Valentine!

A Law Problem

A LAW PROBLEM: If A prmsd 2 gve her heart to B, bt due to a 4tuitus evnt A had bin incpble to do so.. is d rltnship extngshd? Or shld A pay for d dmages? Happy Valentine’s Day! (n_n)

Gift BoX

___ /__/I I__I/ Gift Box… Wanna see what’s inside?! (“*”) ‘v’ My prayers, my care, my wishes, & my greetings… HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY.

Strong became weak

the strong bcame weak.. the genius bcame stupid.. the brave bcame a coward.. it happens… because of 1 thing: “they fall in love.” happy heart’s m0nth!

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