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Kung hindi ka niya priority…

Kung hindi ka niya priority, e di dapat ganun ka din sa kanya para quits lang.

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Jiggy on Cory

“My Lola believed in the Filipino people. She fought for democracy, it’s up to us to preserve it.” – Jiggy Cruz

Discovering good

It’s good
to discover
a beautiful mind…

but the greatest gift
is to discover
a beautiful heart…

in a good person…

like you!

Good morning and God bless!

Life is…

Life is not about having all that you want;
it’s about appreciating all that you have.

To fail means you’ve tried.
To hurt means you’ve tried.
To hurt means you’ve loved.
And to survive means you’ve learned.

Good morning! :)

Dolphy on humility

“Humility is the name of the game. Pirmi akong nakantuntong sa lupa.” – Dolphy

Sana China ka na lang

Sana China ka na lang…

… para angkinin mo na rin ako!

Let the love of God

Let the love of GOD Lighten our life.
Let His Kindness mold us into His presence.
Let Him be our guide as we travel the road of Life…. And let His word be our guiding light…This is call and let us make His life worth and present in our day to day life….GOD bless you always!

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